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About Me

My name is Anton (most known as Tony), and I am a 23-year-old software engineer who loves developing applications. I find great joy in solving complex problems, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it gives me a real kick.

In my experience, I have developed a solid understanding of various technologies, including developing web applications with .NET Core, implementing design patterns, working with Databases, DevOps, and setting up and interacting with servers.

I have also worked collaboratively in teams, utilizing agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to deliver high-quality software solutions.

Additionally, I have experience configuring applications and working with Azure services such as Azure App Services, Azure Storage, and Azure Functions, deploying web applications to Azure, and utilizing Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. I am also familiar with Elastic Search and have been tampering with Docker for some time now.

Technical Skills

Most experienced in

.NET / C#

Less experienced but still familiar with



My best traits are

Quick Learning
Commitment and Discipline
Being Solution Focused
Being a Team Player

My Projects

As someone who loves to learn and create, I'm constantly working on side projects in my spare time. This section of my website is dedicated to showcasing some of my favorite projects from various areas of interest.

HEPACO Store (Fullstack App)

HEPACO Store (Fullstack App)

A friend was in need of a fully customizable webshop so I made him a fullstack ReactJS app. This project consists of two distinct applications: a Content Management System (CMS) and a customer-facing frontend. Customers can make orders and even calculate the delivery price which was a very strict requirement. I utilized a mix of tools like Supabase, MongoDB, and Vercel to create this project.

Solar System

Solar System

This project was made in the Unity engine in combination with C#. This solar system consits of planets and their moons. The speeds, masses, distance to the sun (Astronomical Units), radius, perihelion, aphelion and the planet inclination for each planet and moon are all based on real values. The rotation, scaling and translation of the planets and the moons is achieved by using Rotation, Translation and Scaling matrices. My implementation of those matrices are in the code. This was a fun and an educational project!

CoinStats API Wrapper

CoinStats API Wrapper

I have been working with API's and wrappers for a long time now, however I never got the chance to write my own API wrapper. When the cryptocurrency market was booming, I decided to write a wrapper for the CoinStats API and even published it as a NuGet package, making it available for others to use. I even tried to publish my own NuGet package so others could use it. This projects is still functioning as of March 2023.

ISS API Wrapper

ISS API Wrapper

After successfully creating my own API wrapper for the CoinStats API, a colleague asked me to showcase my process. The ISS API was an excellent choice for this project due to its intriguing nature and rich dataset.


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